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nvidia utility install prob: nvring0 fehlt


Mitglied seit
Hi... ich weis nich, ob ich hier richtig bin oder nich, egal:

Ich wollt grad "nvidia utility" installieren (besitze ASUS A7N8X-E Deluxe) und er sagt mir dann immer, das nvring0 fehlt...kann mir jmd helfen bitte?

Goddess am 11.03.2007 10:14 schrieb:

jo, danke, aber irgendwie versteh ich den lösung net richtig :S

Zitat von der Seite:
I had the same problem, read your post and then I got it to work. I had no "Sample Drivers" listed either. Anyway, what I did after not finding "Sample Drivers" was choose "Add a new device" from the top of the list instead. It searches your system for new devices, takes a little while to do this, and finds none. Next, in Select the hardware you want to Install, choose "Other devices," the one with the ugly yellow question mark next to it about mid-way down. Click "Next," click "Have Disk," find your nvoclock.inf file (usually the path is C:\NVIDIA\NvidiaSU_v09\nvoclock.inf or similar) and finish the set-up. NVIDIA System Utility should work after this is completed yes.gif . Let me know if it doesn't work for you."