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Damage Inc


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Why You Should Join


- We have a very vibrant and active community with over 1000 Members! (click) (providing you plenty of opportunity to make many new gaming friends, who can help you and play with you)
- There will always be people online to play with you (We often get over 350+ people on TeamSpeak, and our large member-base ensures theres always someone online to play a game with you)
- We are strongly organized around Teams and love team-play (Check out our structure here!). (If you enjoy organized team-play you will love it here)
- There are literally 100's of events occurring every single week (which means there is never a dull moment in DI and you can always find something to participate in!)

What We Expect from You in Return
- Don't be invovled with another gaming / eSports org (We expect your exclusive loyalty and dedication)
- Be active on our Forums and TeamSpeak, not just ingame (You are expected to check forums everyday, unless you have made a topic in our absence/vacation forum.)
- Idle in TeamSpeak when you are online/ingame on Steam or another game client (TeamSpeak server address: ts.dmg-inc.com)
- Communicate fluently in English and be aged over 15+ (Divisions may set their own age requirements)

We only want active and loyal members to join us. If you are wondering why the requirements may seem so rigorous, then know that it is one of the key reasons we are so powerful and active (its one of our defining benefits that makes this community so awesome!).

Last, I do understand that this a German Forum, My first Language is German but if u want to Join the Clan and my unoffical ARK Survival Evolved Team or any other Team within DamageInc message me on Steam.