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[Vanilla Server] Rustworld - Monthly Wipe [Active Admins]


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This is the official advertise for the Rust project, Rustworld.

We run a large powerful Rust server, which is supported by slightly less pluigns.
Our project is not cluttered with endless plugins, but we pay attention here to the balance between vanilla and a pleasant playing of the player.

Rustworld has only existed for 2 days. However, we can already boast an active player base of 20 people, despite the fact that no advertising was placed before.

We make sure that the current map is wiped monthly, which goes there with the forcewipe.

We have team members who are actively playing. However, all team members are very experienced in Rust. The exploitation of rights is not in the foreground for us.

We want to have fun just like you and that's why we play here, on Rustworld Vanilla!

If you have any questions, problems, suggestions or wishes, please feel free to write us. We have an open ear for all members of the community. We also do not tolerate cheaters and take action against them.

Join us and become a part of Rustworld! A new server that can become big with your help!

Discord: https://discord.me/rustworld
Homepage: https://rustworld.net/
Server IP: