Vampire Bloodlines - Neuer Fan-Patch erschienen!


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Hallo liebe Community!

Für Vampire Bloodlines wurde ein neuer Patch veröffentlicht, der das Spiel auf Version 1.5 bringt. Allerdings sollte man vor der Installation bedenken, dass es sich um einen inoffiziellen Patch handelt, der von der VB-Fangemeinde entwickelt wurde.

Der Patch ist 9,6 MB groß und man kann ihn sich hier downloaden:

Vampire Patch 1.5

Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines unofficial patch 1.5

This is an unofficial patch for Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines by Troika Games. It is based on Dan Upright's great unofficial oma Vampire Patch 1.2 whose readme is included with minor corrections.

Extract the archive into your game folder keeping the directory structure intact and back up all overwritten files if you want to remove it later.

This patch attempts to fix many bugs, but no guarantees are made, since we haven't had time to test them all. It can be installed on top of the official 1.2 patch from Troika Games without problems.

Confirmations of fixes marked with a "*" would be nice, also reports of any other problems, glitches or non-crashing bugs we have missed up until now.

Not done (impossible?):
Before reinstalling the official 1.2 patch clean up the registry.
Game may hang on Beckett's "wait" cutscene, reload until it works.
Some feed victims stay in trance so don't bite quest related ones.
In Mings hideout the bar may not move, just reload until it does.
Giovanni can be heard speaking after he isn't in the room anymore.
The news report a bloodbath even if you just sneak-killed Johnny.
Nosferatu and Tremere havens do miss the food critic quest reward.
There is a door in the Santa Monica clinic with lockpicking of 11.
In Gary's lair you have to jump over the furniture to move along.

Fixed Hitman quest bug that showed failure when making them friends.
Awarded 1 xp for getting Imalia's magazine to compensate money loss.
Lowered award for rescueing Ash from the Society of Leopold to 1 xp.
Adjusted knockback ranges for McLusky, SWAT rifle and the shotguns.
Corrected some errors in Hitman quest log, dialogues and doll texts.
Fixed bugs in the dialogue files of Ash and Velvet for extra lines.
Corrected a bug that kept the Santa Monica haven active for Tremere.
Provided 1 humanity point for not telling Hannah that Paul is dead.
Modified the dialogue files of Damsel and Isaac to fix bad options.
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