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Version 1.33:
1. Fixed - AI would scrap facilities to make room for spaceports even for races which didn't need them.
2. Fixed - Point-defense bolt weapons would sometimes not fire on torpedoes.
3. Fixed - For seeking or bolt weapons, the calculation for whether a weapon would hit a target moving
away was incorrect.
4. Fixed - Facilities were not showing up in Ground Combat.
5. Fixed - Planets were not getting shields in combat simulations.
6. Fixed - During combat, the cargo report for ships and planets would not show unit damage.
7. Fixed - A highlighted cargo item at the bottom of the cargo tab should not show the damage percent on
the cargo item picture (since its displayed to the right of the picture).
8. Fixed - Emissive armor was still providing its damage resistance even when destroyed.

Version 1.32:
1. Fixed - Strategy Damage Amount "All Weapons Gone" was not working correctly.
2. Fixed - Planets were not having their damage percentage calculated correctly for strategies.
3. Fixed - Planets were not launching units.
4. Fixed - In the Fleet Transfer window, "Create Fleet" was not working when no fleet was present.
5. Fixed - In combat, spreading of damage was sometimes using an incorrect target hitpoints amount.
This was most notable with planets not spreading their damage enough.
6. Fixed - Sometimes beams firing from a planet would fire from the far left corner of the combat map.
7. Fixed - Planets with rings would sometimes not fire bolt weapons against targets far above them.

Version 1.31:
1. Fixed - You could add ships to construction queues without spaceyards using the "Select Multiple Queues" feature.
2. Fixed - Units launched into existing fields would be launched without supplies or ordnance.
3. Fixed - The top most items should default to be selected in the Launch/Recover window.
4. Fixed - Remote recovery of units by planets would usually fail because of the Moveto order.
5. Fixed - Remote recovery would sometimes give an error message "A cannot be recovered from space."
6. Fixed - "Advanced Storage Techniques" racial trait was giving a 225% bonus instead of 125%.
7. Fixed - Launch/Recover specific units would only perform once a turn in Simultaneous Games.
8. Fixed - Load/Drop specific units would only perform once a turn in Simultaneous Games.
9. Fixed - "Upgrade Facilities" in the Construction Queues window would often not work in Simultaneous Games.
10. Fixed - Space combat will no longer end if 2 players are on a planet engaged in ground combat and
one still has a troop transport in space with troops to drop.
11. Fixed - You can now Mothball or Unmothball multiple selected ships.

Version 1.30:
1. Fixed - Moved strings from the AI scripts to constants.
2. Fixed - Fixed some AI issues with incorrect tech names and component names.
3. Fixed - AI will now attempt to add more weapons at the end of vehicle design if there is space remaining.
4. Fixed - Script Parser was not rebuilt with latest function definitions.
5. Fixed - Crystalline Torpedo had incorrect effect name and wasn't displaying in combat.

Version 1.29:
1. Fixed - Combat against a planet owned by a player but with no units or population would end immediately.
2. Fixed - "Only Weapons" damage type now penetrates shields.
3. Fixed - "Only Engines" damage type now penetrates shields.
4. Changed - Capital Ship Missile: decreased cost, increased damage, decreased reload rate.
5. Changed - Anti - Proton Beam: increased cost,
6. Changed - Meson Blaster: increased cost, increased supply used, increased range.
7. Changed - Point - Defense Cannons: increased damage.
8. Changed - Point - Defense Blaster: increased space taken, increased cost, decreased damage, increased reload rate.
9. Changed - Point - Defense Beam: decreased damage.
10. Changed - Flak Cannon: Increased damage.
11. Changed - Plasma Missile: decreased cost, increased damage.
12. Changed - Anti - Matter Torpedo: increased damage, increased range.
13. Changed - Quantum Torpedo - increased cost, increased damage, increased range.
14. Changed - Gamma Pulse Torpedo - reduced space taken, reduced supply and ordnance usage, increased damage.
15. Changed - Phased - Polaron Beam: increased cost, increased supply usage, modified damage.
16. Changed - Graviton Hellbore: increased cost, increased damage, increased range.
17. Changed - Ripper Beam: increased damage, increased range.
18. Changed - Incinerator Beam: increased damage.
19. Changed - Wave - Motion Gun: increased damage, increased range.
20. Changed - Null - Space Projector: decreased cost, decreased supply and ordnance usage, increased damage, decreased reload rate.
21. Changed - Tachyon Projection Cannon: decreased cost, increased damage, increased range.
22. Changed - Ionic Disperser: changed description, increased damage.
23. Changed - Ionic Pulse Missile: changed description, increased damage.
24. Changed - Toxic Injector: increased damage.
25. Changed - Plasma Charge: increased damage, increased range.
26. Changed - Hyper - Plasma Bolt: increased damage.
27. Changed - Electric Discharge: increased damage.
28. Changed - Lightning Ray: increased damage, increased range.
29. Changed - Seeking Parasite: increased range.
30. Changed - Acid Globule: increased damage.
31. Changed - Enveloping Acid Globule: increased damage.
32. Changed - Shard Cannon: decreased damage.
33. Changed - High - Energy Magnifier: increased damage, increased range.
34. Changed - Time Distortion Burst: modified damage.
35. Changed - Temporal Shifter: modified damage, increased range.
36. Changed - Temporal Tachyon Cannon: decreased space taken, increased damage, increased range.
37. Changed - Telekinetic Projector: modified damage.
38. Changed - Mental Singularity Generator: increased damage, increased range.
39. Changed - Subpsace Rupture Beam: increased damage, increased range.
40. Changed - Massive Ionic Disperser: changed description, increased damage.
41. Changed - Small Depleted Uranium Cannon: modified damage.
42. Changed - Small Rocket Pods: increased damage, increased range.
43. Changed - Small Anti - Proton Beam: decreased damage.
44. Changed - Small Meson Blaster: modified damage.
45. Changed - Small Phased - Polaron Beam: increased damage, increased range.
46. Changed - Small Incinerator Beam: increased damage, increased range.
47. Changed - Small Anti - Matter Torpedo: increased damage, increased range.
48. Changed - Small Cluster Bomb: increased damage.
49. Changed - Small Graviton Beam: increased damage, increased range.
50. Changed - Small Electric Discharge: decreased damage, increased range.
51. Changed - Small Acid Globule: increased range.
52. Changed - Small Shard Cannon: increased range.
53. Changed - Small Time Distortion Burst: decreased damage, increased range.
54. Changed - Small Telekinetic Projector: increased damage, increased range.
55. Changed - All components now increase their structure with level.
56. Changed - Increased structure per level increase for armor.
57. Changed - Increased structure per level increase for small armor.
58. Changed - Increased shields per level increase for small shield generator.

Version 1.28:
1. Fixed - Misspelling in AI speech.
2. Fixed - AI was not researching "Advanced Military Science" and "Applied Political Science" correctly.
3. Fixed - Small race portraits were being loaded incorrectly in the simulators for mods.
4. Fixed - Upgrading a design was not upgrading weapon mounts.
5. Fixed - Construction was sometimes consuming more resources than it should and giving them back when the
construction was complete (especially radioactives).
6. Fixed - It was possible to start a game with an empire breaking the tech or racial point limits.
7. Fixed - In a Simultaneous Game, you could not give an Attack Move order for the sector you were in.
8. Added - "Change Email" and "Change Password" buttons to the Empire Options window.
9. Fixed - Planet attack and defense strategies were not being updated in a Simultaneous Game.
10. Fixed - In the Player Setup window, the technology and racial trait lists will no longer reset to the top
when a new tech or racial trait is available.
11. Changed - Decreased amount of crew killed by Toxic Injector.
12. Changed - "Kills Crew" damage type now cannot get through shields and kills 1 crew for every 10 damage points.
13. Update - Results of Ship states:
Critical Failure - Half normal movement points. Cannot resupply or reordnance others.
Half attack and defense modifier. Cannot cloak.
All weapons take 3 times longer to reload.
Critical Failure = Loss of your bridge, all life support, all crew quarters, or all your crew
(a Master Computer when present, replaces the previous criteria).
14. Fixed - After conquering a planet through ground combat, units that did not take part in ground combat
dissappear (but are still there).
15. Fixed - If an alliance was created, then disbanded, the savegame would no longer load.
16. Fixed - Improvements for "Total Targeted Damage" strategy option.
17. Fixed - Improvements for point defense spreading of damage.
18. Fixed - The data file error list window would only show 4 lines of an error message.
19. Fixed - An Atmospheric Converter facility will convert the atmosphere to that breathed by the largest
population on the planet.
20. Fixed - Improvements to "Even Empire Distribution".

Version 1.27:
1. Fixed - Pulled out more hard coded colors to Settings.txt.
2. Fixed - Attempting to warp while on a warp point would either fail or cause two warps.
3. Fixed - A colony ship would load population but not execute the MoveTo order.
4. Fixed - Typos in MainStrings.txt.
5. Fixed - Move To Waypoint would not show order lines until you reselected the ship.
6. Fixed - Cancel orders would not work after a Move To Waypoint.
7. Fixed - The "N" hotkey would show the Rename window with an added "n" after the ship's name.
8. Fixed - Ranks in the Comparison window would be wrong if the scores were negative.
9. Fixed - Graphs no longer try to show negative numbers. The bottom out at zero.
10. Fixed - In the Comparisons window, on


und teil 2 :-D

10. Fixed - In the Comparisons window, only players you know of are considered an enemy or ally. An
enemy empire is any empire that you know of but do not have a treaty with.
11. Fixed - The game will now continue processing even when minimized.
12. Fixed - When minimized, the SE5 icon will change its name to show what its currently doing.
13. Fixed - Speed up for AI combat execution.
14. Added - "16X" and "32X" to the Strategic Combat window.
15. Fixed - Combat would sometimes get negative to-hit modifiers from other sectors.
16. Fixed - Removed loading of "d3drm.dll" since Vista no longer has it.
17. Fixed - The Help window was showing Cultural Achievement images for the Intelligence Achievements.
18. Fixed - In Simulated Ground Combat, militia troops were not being added.
19. Fixed - The correct militia amounts were not showing up in ground combat.
20. Fixed - In space combat, if your side has a transport with troops to drop on a planet, and the
transport is targeting the planet to drop troops, then your side will not fire any
weapons on the planet.
21. Fixed - In space combat, sometimes a planet would not get all of the weapons from its weapon platforms.
22. Fixed - If you run the game with command line parameters, it will launch minimized and then dissappear
when complete.
23. Fixed - "Maintain Defensive Locations" was not being used.
24. Changed - Changed minister option text from "Maintain Defensive Locations" to "AI controls empire in player
absence". Turn this option off if you do NOT want the AI to control your empire if a turn is
processed without your order file. The default value for this is TRUE.
25. Added - Script function "Sys_Set_Vehicle_Design_Strategy".
26. Added - Script function "Sys_Get_Vehicle_Design_Strategy".
27. Added - Script function "Sys_Get_Planet_Size".
28. Added - Script function "Sys_Is_Planet_Breathable".
29. Added - Script function "Sys_Empire_Research_All_Techs_Researched".
30. Added - Script function "Sys_Get_Planet_Plague_Level".
31. Added - Script function "Sys_Get_Space_Object_Cargo_Item_Facility_ID".
32. Added - Script function "Sys_Get_Space_Object_Cargo_Item_Population_Atmosphere_Breathed".
33. Fixed - On the Create Design window, mount names could overflow the list box.
34. Fixed - When replying to a Counter Alliance Proposal on the Communicate window, the selections
for Accept, Refuse, and Counter Alliance Proposal were not present.

Version 1.26:
1. Fixed - The ground combat simulator was not letting you add enemy units.
2. Fixed - Ships were not using supply when they retreated.
3. Fixed - Ships were not executing orders after a Move To in the correct sector.
4. Fixed - Warhead damage from a single unit was adding all warhead damage from the entire group.
5. Fixed - AI was not putting weapons on its early troops.
6. Fixed - Increased AI placement of point - defense weapons on its designs.
7. Fixed - The Movement Log Replay would end with the solar system not displaying objects.
8. Fixed - The Movement Log Replay would immediately hide the replay buttons.
9. Fixed - Slowed down Movement Log Replay a bit.
10. Added - MapCompiler to utilities.
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