EoD 2.40: released for the 10 year anniversary!


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Founded in 2002 EoD is getting 10 years old now.
It has been the first released mod for Battlefield 1942 and still has players all around the world!

Some guys of the team went to EA in the early years of the century and maybe they worked on BF-2, BC:Vietnam or BF-3, we just don't know.

EoD was growing from it's first release and got a lot of help from the community and other mods, especially from Battlegroup42, US Intervention MOD, Forgotten Hope and many many others.


Also EoD got famous cause of the nice music that was made just for the mod.
The talented musicians were Prozac Ltd., M'busy'Most and last but not least Taichi and some of us hear their music while driving car or at home.

But the most important help was the help from our players, from YOU.
Without your suggestions the mod wouldn't live anymore and no one would be motivated to improve anything.

Right now we want to say THANK YOU!
Thank you for the help and support, for your ideas, voices, maps, models, code, graphics, videos and much much more.
Also a big THANKS to all the mirrors who have hosted these large files with a lot of terrabytes of traffic!


We've got a little birthday present for you:
EoD v2.40 - 10th anniversary release

Eve of Destruction Classic v2.4 - Teil 1 von 3

Eve of Destruction Classic v2.4 - Teil 2 von 3

Eve of Destruction Classic v2.4 - Teil 3 von 3

Eve of Destruction Classic v2.4 Server (Win & Linux)

- new: female Vietcong team including new recorded female voices (special thanks to sweetjosi and KUBI)
- new: vehicle, weapons and effect-sounds revised
- new: all maps got a new ingame map system with infos about the map
- new: a surfboard model so Charlie can surf now
- new: a ZIL-131 truck with a mounted ZPU-2 to defend against planes and helis
- new: improved and new spectacular effects, for example a very good looking lightning
- new map: Battle of Hill723
- new map: Battle of Kien Long
- new map: Bong Son Valley
- new map: Crossroad
- new map: Fall of Saigon
- new map: Ghost Town
- new map: Hanoi Hilton
- new map: Infinite
- new map: Lima Site
- new map: Operation Arc Light
- new map: Operation Hump
- new map: Snipers
- new map: The Bay
- new map: Who'll stop the dark
- overworked and new: An Lao Valley
- overworked and new: Hoi An Harbor


Of course there are many more fixes and improvements so take a look at the changelog for detailed information.
Very important!
It's a full version so you need to manually uninstall and delete any older version of EoD before installation!

Otherwise the game may crash or you can't connect to any server.


With Infinite map we've got one of the largest map Battlefield 1942 ever has seen.
We just know about one released map with that size of 4096x4096 but don't know if it ever was played anywhere.

The huge map is 4x as big as Operation Hastings so it will take a while to learn every mile of the landscape.

But we don't release anything as an 'experiment' and of course the map was well tested and special thanks go to my little son Sven (SirVen|EoD) for testing some hours with me and fixing all dificiencies.
He was the first who found the hidden easter egg in that map and we had a lot of fun, especially about his aerial acrobatics

We wish you a lot of fun with the new build and all the best!

In this sense this movie for U:

Picture's Female - Antitank - Assault - Engineer - Medic - Rifleman - Scout:

http://images.bf-games.net/news/2012/02/10431_1_th.jpg http://images.bf-games.net/news/2012/02/10431_2_th.jpg http://images.bf-games.net/news/2012/02/10431_3_th.jpg http://images.bf-games.net/news/2012/02/10431_4_th.jpg http://images.bf-games.net/news/2012/02/10431_5_th.jpg http://images.bf-games.net/news/2012/02/10431_6_th.jpg

(Quelle: bfgames.net, eodmod.org, hgklan.plusboard.de)
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