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Silent Heroes Mappack 1.9 Release / Next Event's for you!


Mitglied seit

Hello friends of modern war.

Today, I have to send you a joyful message.
Before a few days came out the new Mappack 1.9 for silent heroes.
It contains 29 maps.
It includes new maps, which have been manufactured by the SH [OPFS] community.
The Mappack is played always on Fridays (conquest) from 8 pm to the open end.

Friday Mappack Server:

Who not want to download the Mappack, should download the mod.
The mod is played every Tuesday from 8 pm.
It always players are there in two events, which firmly keep the faith.

Tuesday server:

Silent heroes 1.2 (the 3rd world war in Scandinavia with German weapons!)

Silent Heroes 1.2 Client Vollversion

For silent heroes 1.2 (the Mappack version 1.9), all maps are included with the package that you need to be doing!
http://www.kybtek.com/~sh/Custom Maps 1.9.rar

It would be my pleasure to welcome you!

Source: HG BF Family Forum :: Home



Every "Wednesday and Sunday" from 8 pm - open end, the community meets to play battlegroup 42 1.8beta together!

Server Name: [MOB] Server BG42 1.8beta

Server IP:

Battlegroup42 1.8beta Download please all 5 Parts!
[BETA] BattleGroup42 - v1.8 Client Teil 1 von 5



Eve of Destruction 4th Charlie don`t surf Event in 2012!
Celebrate Event for all clans and player's, you are welcome!

BF Server: "HSLAN EoD 2.4 Server":
Server IP:

Download EoD 2.4 Full 3 Parts:
EoD 2.4 - Part 1 (1442 MB)

EoD 2.4 - Part 2 (1413 MB)

EoD 2.4 - Part 3 (1341 MB)



19.00 GTM+1



Sunday Night Games BF1918 3.1 Event!
We play it each sunday at 8pm CET.
A Server you can find into your Gamespy Game Browser, where do you can check the Server List.
My actually Server favourite for you:

Server: BF1918 3.1 by dfl-clan.de

BF 1918 3.1! All 3 parts one after the next install!

Battlefield 1918


Last Sunday was a real success with 30 players!
And this Sunday we gonna continue that! Promised!

"Desertwar" - Event on Sunday, 11th of March 2012


1. Desert Hill 1942
2. Gazala
3. El alamein
4. Supercharge
5. Kasserine pass 1943
6. Battle of Mareth line
7. Tunis 1943
8. Operation: Rattrap

Forgotten Hope 0.7 (WW2 Realism, setzt immernoch Maßstäbe! Alle 3 Teile hintereinander installieren! Wird für FHSW benötigt 2.7.2007)

Forgotten Hope 0.7 Teil 1 von 3

Forgotten Hope 0.7 Teil 2 von 3

Forgotten Hope 0.7 Teil 3 von 3

Forgotten Hope Secret Weapons (FHSW 0.42) FH 0.7 wird benötigt! Alle 2 Teile hintereinander installieren! Japanisches FH Projekt mit sehr viel Inhalt! (25.10.2010)

FHSW 0.42 Client Full 1 of 2

FHSW 0.42 Client Full 2 of 2

FHSW 0.42.1111 Patch (maptweakpacks 1011-1111) (08.12.2011)

Patch 0.42.1111 (maptweakpacks 1011-1111) download - Forgotten Hope: Secret Weapon Mod for Battlefield 1942 - Mod DB
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