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Für alle, die es noch nicht gesehen haben. ;)


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Hi everyone,

Following the hot debate and concern expressed by our community, we have persuaded NetOps to stay late and put in lots of overtime so that they might build and have ready two extra servers for you in time for Early Access!

I'm delighted to announce that in addition to the six servers already announced, we will also be providing the following servers for you starting 14th April:

English Language-preferred/International Server

Evernight – Normal Server
Meaning - A dark, shadow-filled region in the Great Sea that appears in one of Bilbo's songs called "Song of Eärendil".

German Language-preferred Server

Maiar - Normal server
Meaning – The Maiar were powerful spirits that helped the Valar shape Arda. Each Maia was associated with the People of a particular Vala and legend has it there were many of them, though not all of them were named.


Wie man also sehen kann, hat der ein oder andere Bericht und das ein oder andere Gespräch unsererseits mit Codemasters ebenso etwas bewirkt, wie Euer hartnäckiges Flehen um einen weiteren Server, welches wir gerne weitergeleitet haben. ;)
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