• Aktualisierte Forenregeln

    Eine kleine Änderung hat es im Bereich Forenregeln unter Abschnitt 2 gegeben, wo wir nun explizit darauf verweisen, dass Forenkommentare in unserer Heftrubrik Leserbriefe landen können.


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Shadows Heretic Kingdom Buch 2 wird kommen!


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Für diejenigen,die wie ich Shadows HK ende letzten Jahres gespielt und gemochthatten, war es eine ziemliche Enttäuschung, das der angekündigte 2.Part des Spiels aufgrund einer Insolvenz wohl nie erscheinen würde.

Wer das Spielgut fand wird sich wohl freuen denn es gibt Neuigkeiten.

Hier der Postaus dem Steamforum! Ich habe per Facebook auch nachgefragt bei demEntwicklerteam und es sieht gut aus! :)

Yes, there will be Shadows update including latest fixes and French language coming in the next days. :)

And yes, the bitComposer has been dealt with, so the product will be taken care of solely by us:). I hope the difference will be noticeable.

The legal things were done, now we are talking specific with Steam and other distributors, but their response is slow because of the holidays season, so it may take a while until we get it all set up properly.

An official announcement will come later on - we are just discussing about the steps necessary to take first and considering our resources.

Book 2 will definitively come, it is without doubts now :). The timing is however difficult to estimate as we are preparing a major update which have to be finished first and then we will continue on Book 2 production - I will explain in other thread later on...

Btw, tomorrow Kult should be released on Steam and I also asked to get Kult to all Early Access players as promised originally.

Thanks all you guys for your patience and we are working on the announcements, etc. Though in the meantime we can communicate freely here - preparing the announcement and all the changes will take some time, especially considering the holidays season :)

But the patch with the fixes and French language will come up very shortly, along with Kult release (and hopefully Steam will arrange Kult to all Early Access players soon too)!
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