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AW: News - C&C Generäle - neuer Patch

Wen interessiert noch Generals ohne Zero Hour !? ;)

Auszug aus der Readme:
Version 1.7 - October, 2003
Issues addressed:
1. FORCE FIRE - CHINA's Gattling Tanks can no longer force fire through buildings.
2. RALLY POINTS - Added rally points to the GLA Tunnel Networks.
3. IMPROVED ONLINE STATS - Made improvements to the code that tracks statistics and disconnects in online games.
4. CRASH FIX - Fixed a crash bug related to the Particle Cannon.
5. DESYNCH FIX - Fixed a mismatch that occurred when ordering a unit to attack right after they exited a building.
6. REGION ACCURACY - User tooltip in the Custom Match lobby now correctly displays the user's region.
7. HERO RADAR ICON - Jarmen Kell, Black Lotus and Colonel Burton now have a special icon on the radar map.
8. CHAT SOUND EFFECT - Added an audio cue to the communicator to alert users to an incoming message.
9. TEXT FIXES - Fixed text errors in the tooltips for USA Drone Armor and CHINA Nuclear Tank upgrades.
10. FIREWALL PORT OVERRIDE OPTIONS ITEM - Firewall Port Override values can now be set on the Options menu from the Main Menu.


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