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von am 17.02.2016 um 11:57 (1310 Hits)
Didn’t know I could feel this way,
Too long I felt I was the prey.
Hid behind my wall of sorrow,
Rued the past scared of tomorrow.

Felt there was so much to repent,
Thoughts so busy with torment.
Strutted along a narrow road,
Feelings wanting to implode.

Now I am healing
Forgiving Life
There’s no more fleeing
Only to survive

Forgot there was light on the way,
Didn’t hear what life had to say.
Made it easy by blaming others,
Each one sailing under different colours.

Time was always my best friend,
It takes so long for a soul to mend.
Bit by bit the colours returned,
Little by little despise was adjourned.

Now I am healing
Hope is revived
There’s no more hiding
Yes, I am alive!

Never gonna go this road again!
Gonna get up and break these chains!
Gonna change the rules this games is played!
Being broken is so mundane!

I am healing
Hope is revived.
There’s no more fleeing,
Yes, I am alive!

Jan Wendler
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